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Fundraiser for Daniel

100% of the benefits of this update will be donated to someone very close to me: big-hearted boyfriend and hard-working restaurant owner Daniel. 

Like many business owners, Daniel is facing challenging times during this continuing lockdown. His beautiful restaurant named Venster is a favorite spot for many, that has been closed due to the Covid lockdown since October 16th. Daniel has been very respectful about the measurements, works hard on alternative activities and services (such as pickup menus and online dinner events) but despite it all, not being able to receive guests in his restaurant, not running his business the way it was built for, has been very challenging and is becoming more complicated as the lockdown period is expanding. 

It has been a hard year for many businesses out there. I count myself very lucky for being able to continue doing what I do, despite the circumstances (and I have your support and enthusiasm to thank for that!). So looking for a way to support Daniel’s business with my business, even though they are entirely different, I created a collection of items a little more restaurant-related: coffee cups! I created 8 sets of two cups and 5 single cups, in all kinds of colors. It was also my first slip casting experience (working with a plaster mold) and I will definitely be doing it more often as I absolutely loved it! Besides the cups, I created support tokens with several designs. They are quite similar to the tokens I created for my fundraiser last year except that this time in included a little hole in them so that you will have the option of hanging it.

Making these items was very special for me and I hope you will enjoy them too!

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