Golden Dots Collection: Marit the Vase


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Hand-built & hand-painted vase, dipped in a transparent glaze and covered with gold luster details. 

Size approximately 18 cm high and 17 cm wide.

Marit has some slightly visible lines on the bottom back of her green coat. (see image)

This piece is part of the Golden Dots Collection
Ceramics from the Golden Dots Collection are painted with luster details when they are finished, and then fired for a third time. The high temperatures in the kiln burn the luster and leave a bright, 24-carat gold layer on top of the transparent glaze.

Making Process
You can find a video of how Marit the vase was built on my Instagram page



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The Pottery Parade's vases are built and painted by hand with lots of care, giving each of them their own unique character. The colored clay slips used for decoration are produced provided by Studio Noot & Swart based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Note that the colors on screen may differ from the actual object.