Sebi the Small Jewelry Dish (try-out collection)


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Hand sculpted & hand painted jewelry dish, dipped in a transparent glaze.

Size approximately 4,5cm wide and 0,5cm high.

Try-out Collection
Sebi the dish is part of a small try out collection in which I have explored decorating with underglaze (instead of clay slib, which I usually work with). The pieces of this collection have some characteristics that differ from the usual ones such as an un-colored bottom and slightly visible crackles in the transparent glaze. The crackles are caused by the high temperatures the pieces are fired in and give them a bit of an 'ícy' structure (see images).  

The mini jewelry dishes are shipped out (in a firm box) via regular postal service, without a tracking code.


The Pottery Parade's jewelry dishes are sculpted and painted with lots of care, giving each of the characters a unique appearance. 

Note: the colors on screen may differ from actual object.