Lucky Potato Mix: Set of 20 (100% handmade, free shipping)


A set of 20 small, hand built ceramic sculptures with gold luster details

This Set contains:
10 Regular Lucky Potatoes with detailed clay slip painting (colored coats)
5 Party Potatoes (with a tiny party hat)
5 Flower Potatoes (with a small hole on top)

20 Illustrated cards included (see image)

Sizes approximately between 2,5 cm and 4 cm per piece

Colors/designs may vary slightly. Displays in image not included. 

About the Lucky Potatoes 
Lucky potatoes are small, handmade sculptures, made to bring luck and cheer to whoever owns them. Each potato includes an illustrated card with a small description (see image), making them great pieces to gift (or to keep to oneself:)

100% Handmade 
From large to small, all of our ceramic pieces are 100% handmade. After building them by hand or throwing them on the pottery wheel, they are sculpted and painted with lots of care, giving each of them their own unique character. 

Pricing Regular Lucky Potatoes
Wholesale: €20 euros each
Advised Retail: €30 euros each
Pricing Party Potatoes
Wholesale: €22 euros each

Advised Retail: €35 euros each
Pricing Party Potatoes
Wholesale: €19 euros each
Advised Retail: €30 euros each

Free worldwide shipping within 4 weeks of your purchase date.

Lucky Potatoes are part of the Golden Dots Collection
Ceramics from the Golden Dots Collection are painted with luster details when they are finished, and then fired for a third time. The high temperatures in the kiln burn the luster and leave a bright, 24-carat gold layer on top of the glaze