Frequently asked questions

I work in the pottery studio a lot and my time behind the computer is limited, so it may take a while before I get back to inquiries. Before reaching out, please check if the info your are looking for is in one of the frequently asked questions below.


Thank you!


How do I purchase an item?

I offer small, recently finished collections of my ceramics in this shop around 2 times a month. When a new shop update is scheduled, the date and time of the shop update will be announced via the mailing list. To subscribe to the list you can leave you email in the subscribe button on my homepage.

Shop updates are announced in Central European Summer time! To find out the current time difference from your location, please check this tool.

My ceramics currently sell out quite fast. I am very thankful for the enthusiasm about my work, but unfortunately this also means that people miss out on pieces sometimes. I create all my pieces by hand so my production will always be limited. There's not much I can do about this unfortunately!  


Can I pre-view items that will be included in a shop update?

Yes. A few hours before a shop update previews will be listed on my homepage.


Before purchasing

Handmade ceramics are never perfect. I believe this is an important part of their character. When a piece has an imperfection that's a bit more noticeable than usual, I include this in the product description so please read them carefully before making a purchase. Thank you! 


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes I do!

Important Shipping Announcement (updated May 31st, 2020)
Due to the current situation around the COVID-19 virus there may be a delay in the delivery of your purchase, depending on your location. I recommend you to check your local mailing company for detailed information. Because of the same reason, the costs for shipping outside Europe have increased to 22 Euros. This will hopefully be temporary! Note that when you place separate orders, the double shipping costs will be refunded within 24 hours as the ceramics will be shipped out together.


What are the shipping costs?

Within Netherlands: €9
Within EU: €13
Outside EU: €22

All orders are sent out with a tracking code


How fast are orders shipped?

Orders are shipped within one week after your purchase, unless noted otherwise.


I purchased two pieces separately. Can you ship them together?

Yes. If you purchased several pieces in different orders on the same day, the pieces will be sent out in one parcel and the extra shipping costs will be refunded. Note that it may take 1/2 days before the refund is completed.  


How long does shipping take?

Please see the shipping page for more info. 


Do you accept custom orders?

Not at the moment. Sorry!


How much do the items cost averagely?

As the shapes and types of patterns on my ceramics vary a lot, the prizes of my pieces can range anywhere between 65 euros up to 250 euros for the bigger, more detailed ones. To get a better idea of the costs of an item you are interested in, you can find previews of listings on my homepage a few hours before a shop update.