Seconds Collection: Bingo the Weirdo Pup Vase


We have run out of stock for this item.

Hand sculpted & hand painted bud vase, dipped in a transparent glaze. 

Size approximately 17 cm high and 3 cm wide.

Important Note:
Bingo the pup is part of a pre-order collection that I recently created. This Bingo has a brown mark above his right eye that slightly ran out during the firing.

Gold luster: no
Applied Discount: 10%

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Making Process
You can find a short video of how my Weirdo Bud Vases are made in this Instagram post

100% Handmade 
From large to small, all of our ceramic pieces are 100% handmade. After building them by hand or throwing them on the pottery wheel, they are sculpted and painted with lots of care, giving each of them their own unique character. 

Important Note about Bud Vases
The bud vases have long, quirky postures which gives them character but also makes them fragile! It is recommended to place the vase at a spot that is wind-free and has a low risk of being pushed over.