Seconds Collection: Flower Potato


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Small, hand built ceramic sculpture covered with Gold Luster details. 

Size approximately between 2,5 cm and 4 cm.

Two small dry flowers included with the package.

Important Note:
This piece is part of the seconds collection. Ceramics from the seconds collection have little flaws in their shape that aren't necessarily errors, but differ from its intentional design. These items are offered with a small discount. 

Gold luster: yes
Applied Discount: 10%

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About the Lucky Potatoes 
Lucky potatoes are small, handmade sculptures, made to bring luck and cheer to whoever owns them. Each potato includes an illustrated card with a small description (see image), making them great pieces to gift (or to keep to yourself:) 

100% Handmade 
From large to small, all of our ceramic pieces are 100% handmade. After building them by hand or throwing them on the pottery wheel, they are sculpted and painted with lots of care, giving each of them their own unique character. 

This piece is part of the Golden Dots Collection
Ceramics from the Golden Dots Collection are painted with luster details when they are finished, and then fired for a third time. The high temperatures in the kiln burn the luster and leave a bright, 24-carat gold layer on top of the glaze

Shipping note for customers outside Europe
To keep overseas shipping costs fair, we ship smaller items under €37 in small, mailbox proof-boxes. Items over the price of €37 have an increased shipping fee, as these are often applied to items that don't fit in the smaller boxes. A tracking number is provided with these shipments.

Note that the colors on screen may differ from the actual object.