Set of 10 Flower Pebbles (100% handmade, free shipping)


A set of 10 small, hand built ceramic sculptures / vases

Size approximately between 5cm wide and 3cm high

Designs may vary slightly. Flowers in image not included. 

About the Pebbles
Flower Pebbles are small, handmade sculptures with 4 to 5 holes on top that can carry dry flowers (see image). Flower Pebbles are popular pieces to gift (or to keep to oneself:)

100% Handmade 
From large to small, all of our ceramic pieces are 100% handmade. After building them by hand or throwing them on the pottery wheel, they are sculpted and painted with lots of care, giving each of them their own unique character. 

Wholesale: €16 euros each
Retail: €27 euros each

Free worldwide shipping within 4 weeks of your purchase date.