Workshop: Making Lucky Potatoes (October 14th)


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On October 14th, I invite you to come and create some Lucky Potatoes with me. It will be a fun and inspiring afternoon in which you will learn some basic sculpting and decorating techniques and explore your creativity. And: the Lucky Potatoes will be yours to keep afterwards. 

I'm looking forward to it! Find all the details below:

Make your own Lucky Potatoes

In this course, you will be sculpting Lucky Potatoes and decorate them with colored clay slip; the material I use to paint my ceramics. Each student will be sculpting 3 to 5 Lucky Potatoes, which you will be painting entirely with your own designs. Afterwards, I will glaze- and fire your pieces, and you will receive them by mail.

What are Lucky Potatoes?

Lucky potatoes are small, handmade sculptures, made to bring luck and cheer to whoever owns them. They often carry cheerful patterns, and are great pieces to gift to a loved one (or to keep to yourself:)


I will start the workshop with an introduction on sculpting Lucky Potatoes and painting with clay slip. I will also share some techniques on how I paint some of my favorite pattern designs, and I will share lots of inspiration and examples to help you get started.

After this, we will start sculpting Lucky Potatoes. Depending on your ideas and the designs you will give them, you will be able to sculpt 3 to 5 pieces. You will also have the opportunity to add a flower hole to some (or all) of them if you like, so that they become small vases. 

After this, we will start painting the Lucky Potatoes. I love color, and I will make sure there will be lots of different colors to choose from! The patterns I paint on my work can be diverse, ranging from polka dots to botanical details. Whichever design you will choose to paint, I will be there to assist and guide you through it, when needed.

Important note: my Lucky Potatoes usually carry gold luster details on them, but due to technical reasons we won't be working with gold luster in the workshop. You will be making lucky potatoes with colored clay slip only. In case you would like one (or more) of your lucky potatoes to have gold details on them, I can apply this for you afterwards. This will cost an additional 7 euros for each Lucky Potato. Note that it may take a bit longer before you receive your lucky potatoes by mail, as they will need one extra firing session. 

In short

Date: October 14th, 2023
Time: 11.00am - 14.00pm (3 hours)
Location: The Pottery Parade studio at Koningin Wilhelminalaan 8 in Utrecht.
Max amount of students: 8
Price: €110 (all materials, coffee, tea, some small snacks and a set of your own Lucky Potatoes included)

Important to know

- As you will be working with clay and clay slip, make sure to wear something that can get dirty. Clay is easy to wash out, fortunately:)
- No need to bring any additional items; everything is provided in the course. 
- The introduction will start at 11am, so make sure to be on time! Doors open at 10.45 am.
- We will make sure that there will be coffee, tea and some nice snacks to enjoy
- Cancellation is possible up until 3 days prior to the start of the course
- Not that after the course, it will take up to 3 weeks before you receive your Lucky Potatoes as we will be firing and glazing them. 
- The Lucky Potatoes will be shipped to you by mail
- A few days before the course, you will receive an email from me with some additional info and reminders. 


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